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Global Macro

Our Global Macro Strategy seeks to replicate the returns of a variety of global macro strategies that can go long or short across a variety of assets and strategies, such as CTA/Managed Futures, equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies.

This strategy is available as a mutual fund through Easterly Funds.


Aimed to provide attractive, long-term risk-adjusted returns relative to traditional financial markets

Portfolio Managers

The strategy is managed by portfolio manager Dr. Akos Beleznay, who has been allocating capital to hedge funds for nearly 20 years.


Proprietary Systems

Utilizes a proprietary, complex system that seeks to follow the changing hedge fund universe

Improved Returns

Aims to provide better returns than can be achieved by investing in traditional markets

Why Easterly Global Macro?

  • Seeks to eliminate due diligence and manager strategy selection risk
  • Employs proprietary techniques and models to evaluate the drivers of performance of private funds that utilize macro strategies
  • Macro Hedge Fund Proxy: investable daily liquid broadly diversified portfolio
  • Full transparency, no K1s, daily liquidity, low minimums, no accredited investor requirement

For more information on this strategy, pleasecontact us.

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