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Hedged Equity

Our Hedged Equity Strategy is a purpose-built strategy that seeks provide exposure to the equity markets with less risk by limiting drawdowns during market downturns.

This strategy is managed by Easterly EAB Risk Solutions and is available as a separate account and collective investment trust (CIT). The strategy is also available as a mutual fund through Easterly Funds.


Aims to provide capital appreciation by combining domestic equity exposure with an options-derived risk mitigation strategy

Portfolio Managers

This strategy is managed by the Easterly EAB Risk Solutions investment team.


Lower Volatility. Better Results.

Helps risk-averse investors remain invested through periods of market volatility and offers the potential for better risk-adjusted results

Managed Correlation

Aims to improve asset allocation by directly managing portfolio correlation in equity market declines

Why Easterly Hedged Equity?

  • Maintain equity exposure with significantly less risk
  • Low correlation to fixed income, yet buffers like fixed income
  • Unique hedging structure designed to reduce downside risk and volatility during falling markets
  • Aims to provide low-to-negative correlation during market drawdowns, providing true diversification

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